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Painting and Flamenco join Alejandro López

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Alejandro López is a young talented dancer of Flamenco with blood of artist, of Mexican nationality who is writing with firm steps ascending career currently participates in “Aires de Triana” He also maintains successful fusion of various artistic disciplines.


With his dance achieves transmitted through their movements, a rain of feelings; Love and indifference, despair and calm, as well as also joy and pain.


This intensity not only with its flamenco also transmits this embodied in his paintings.


“…. The large dancers are not great for their technique, they are great for your passion” Martha Graham

Alejandro López and his work

They are the pieces that make up his work to the rededor of 500 and 700 (perhaps more) between painting, engraving, sculpture and photography.


The techniques used in his works are diverse, although the majority was inclined to acrylic on cloth, although there are oil paintings, marble chips on metal, wood red gold cardboard paper leaves etc.





escultorico-de-la-dolorosa2 (1)




Alejandro describes his Work

The definition is simple in some way, and the proposal I do with my work, is the interpretation of religious icons that make up the identity of the novo hispanic man, what do I mean by this? In the period of the Spanish conquest and the viceroyalty, the fusion of these two worlds end tube as a very unique identity and rica. rich in all the senses, but in the plastic sense and iconographic … the merger of the deities of the Pantheon and the pre-columbian saints and virgins arrivals of the old world, I find it very important for the identity of the man novo hispanic and mexican today.


Now, I am inclined more by Passiflora iconography in the painful Virgin, which I interpret a specific flow neo-barroca and neo-cubista, after a speech by emotions, such as love and pain such as maximum feelings Regents of life, among many other personal situations, but this is basically the theoretical backbone of my work.

Alejandro López Official Facebook Page







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Alejandro López thank you very much for the facilities granted to make this article, much success in all your projects.



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