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From Argentina Ignacio Rivas

It is not coincidence I stumbled with the magnificent work of Ignacio Rivas. An artist of the collage and art skate, born talented.

Born in Argentina, his work lies between collage, skate and photo art. Your proposal is very cool. His collages wrap us in a myriad emotions grace, eroticism, sensuality and fantasy.
Admire the creativity of this young and talented Argentine artist. Collage is an artistic technique that consists in assembling elements in a unified whole. In painting, a collage can be composed entirely or only partly from photographs, wood, skin, newspapers, magazines, objects of daily use, etc.

The Skateboarding appeared more or less between the years 1940 and 1950. For many years the construction of skateboards various of different materials, such as plastic, fiber glass, metal, and wood, but at the end of 1970 the wood material was excellent. Tables built by 7-ply wood tended to be more lighter and stronger than other materials.The tables began to evolve. Began to sell on premises and they were no longer heavy tables, but they were tables more rectangular with the rounded back. Skaters see skateboard culture and lifestyle that anyone, without distinction as to sex, race, or religion, can be practiced.


Interview  with Ignacio Rivas 

Your occupation?

I am busy with many things. I am a student of advertising, I’m already finishing, I work in a bar on weekends, I do much sport in the week, and in the evenings I dedicate myself to paint, or to make some collage. I try to have a great time. Do many parts compose your artistic work? It is very varied, I do various things, as my day I can paint on any frame or a table of skate, on the street, among others. But lately I’ve been working much with collage, performing them with pieces of books and old magazines. I discovered that connects me too and is super entertaining.

What techniques do you use?

Several, and soil combine them, I can use an acrylic work with collage, or intervene a table with an object I found on the street etc. Everything you have served me.

How would you define your style?

Not is if I have a style so marked as to be defined.


Describes your work

as I said before is very varied, but I usually use recurrent themes that always interested me as the cosmos, loneliness, nature in its wild state and the birds, transmitted me much.

Where have you exposed?

In several places, was in many group exhibitions where I met many good people wave. Some places was the Gallery Bond Street, basement white School of art, Casa Dasein, UCES, the emerging, flying fish, Art Club, Japanese garden, G779 art space, Alvear Popular Library, among others



Would you like to share something of your beginnings?

All came thanks to skateboarding. So much time living on the street, influenced by graffiti, stencil, urban culture. At the same time in 2008 I studied film photography at the IMDAFTA, in Avellaneda. Combined these elements I was more internalized by the art world, receiving influences from all sides and thus began to create non-stop. The first thing that I painted was in 2008 a table of skate that had departed. Starting from there not stopped. 


Hoy he mnacido

Do you have immediate projects?

We are currently working on a project of digital photography with a great team of artists. We started this year and travelled to La Pampa to start with the photo sessions. We hope that many more trips to come and have it ready for the coming year, but good as always the more immediate problem is money, since it is hard to get someone to finance it.



Some direction so that directly contact your fans?

I ‘m a fan of social networks, so you can find me on facebook, twitter, tumblr and Pinterest.





Thank you very much  Ignacio Rivas for the facilities provided for this interview,  much success in all your projects.



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