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The emotions of Ana Paula Elías Ibarra


The emotions are captured using the language of color and shape reveal hidden perceptions of thoughts and feelings that the artist connects with his work. A pleasure to find the beautiful Sonoran Ana Paula Elias Ibarra artist’s work the first painting I saw me fascino takes by title “my niece and the sea” technique oil on canvas. Is a painting that captivates with its composition and good technique has everything, beauty, feelings, expressive tenderness, harmony…


Ana Paula is an intensely romantic artist, the romantic spirit manifests itself in each and every one of the topics addressed in each of his paintings. Combines all the necessary range of colours with a softness that allows the Viewer to gliding serenely, his works and experience a myriad of emotions; dream, laugh, discover, imagine, enjoy up to detach from the hectic and suffered reality…

Interview with Ana Paula Elias Ibarra


To know you better should begin by the beginning where are you from?

Am from Ciudad Obregon, of the beautiful state of Sonora in Mexico

did what early influences on art?

From very small had a great love for reading, grew up surrounded by books, and many of them were art. He spent
hours admiring each of them, it entertained me watching and even imagining each scene embodied in these pages full of colors and so many senses.
Since childhood I felt admiration for the artists and their talent to create.

In when you start your interest in painting?

Was at age 28 a day I felt the need to paint, as well as a craving. I’m self taught and although I always had a facility for drawing,
had never taken a brush, much less painted. So I asked Council to a cousin who is also a painter and she told me how to mix colors. My first painting, was a forest, I painted it in one night. I still keep it.

Art in bottle


Dilemma – oil on canvas 


Horse – acrylic on canvas


Agony on stone – oil on canvas 


7 Crossings – abstract oil on canvas 


Do techniques do you use?

Use the oil, acrylic. I love painting with spatula and in some cases use textures, though I prefer to do it with the same paint.

Describes your work.

Have always said that the canvas calls me, inspiration comes from blow. Left part of my increasingly that pinto, all have some message or hidden figures.My work are reflected feelings to the surface in a painting.

How would you define your style?

Free, varied. It inspires me a stone that a pink wall, the real and the abstract.

My weird world – abstract oil on canvas 


There are paths that lead nowhere – oil on canvas


Fruit – oil on canvas


Door in Cócorit – oil on canvas


Warm and cold – abstract  Oil on canvas


 Would you like to share something of your beginnings?

Emotionally was a time of many changes, important decisions in my life. I think that the painting came to me as a form of
channel emotions, to express all I felt at that moment. As a challenge to achieve what I always had admired in so many other artists. Being self-taught initially I cohibía by the fact of not having no preparation. Today is something that fills me with pride.


Do have immediate projects?

Paint, paint and continue painting.

Do some direction so that directly contact you your fans?




Series of roses – acrylic and oil on canvas.




Thank you very much  Ana Paula Elías Ibarra for the facilities provided for this interview,  much success in all your projects.



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