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Camilo Carreño a Restless Artist

1901179_509554149149835_3874071207293100255_n Camilo Carreño a restless visual artist who has not disappointed is still in full pursuit, has technical and intellectual capabilities that give his work a very vital and seductive imprint. Almost all of his work revolves around the human figure is its inspiration and express what the human body raises you, phenomenon that Camilo focuses all its attention in different images and compositions. In short, is not painting of big scenographic fanfare, contrary to representation through very clear tones, we get by way of a plastic puzzle, that when we stop before it reveals all its power.

The human body as element of representation in art was called “human figure” by the artists, to describe it, exalting symbolically and as an expression of desire, as well as the human face, which is one of the main objects of study of art. To look at the world, being human is identified with him and, through this relationship, creates and artistically expressed.

Interview wiht Camilo Carreño

10388131_509554132483170_1262115307458157064_n Where are you from? Bogotá, Colombia.

Do your occupation? I am master in Visual Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, currently working in an agency of software doing analysis of quality and for evenings and weekends I dedicate myself to continue with my career as an artist as much as I can.

What techniques do you use? The drawing is the technique which most I’ve used, but in the last 2 years I have been painting in watercolor and gouache, at the end of my college career he painted oil also, but I left it for a while until now that I’m going to take classes and study the techniques of painters like Velazquez and Rubens.

How would you define your style? My style is very simple, it is mostly human figure in a very classical way, paying more attention to the shape and figure that the color, to take more time as a draftsman who, as a painter, I feel that my approach to the color I’ve been doing it in a gradual way, but I feel that at this moment it is more important to understand the concept of light and shadow and through that understanding the color is ira materializing.

Do circumstances in which the best ideas occur to you? Usually occur to me when the day ends and I go to bed to sleep, sometimes the idea is so strong that I can not get to sleep and I have to stand and take notes or go directly to the drawing board, travel also is an incredible catalyst of ideas, this always led to hand my notebook of notes and my drawing elements.

Self-portrait, watercolor


Fernanda, watercolor


Self-portrait with Hat, Gouache


Rafael, watercolor


Eliecer posing as traqueto, graphite


Describes your work

My interest is the exploration of the human being, through portraiture and the human figure. Beyond the exaltation of the beauty or aesthetic enjoyment, I feel that I want to squint into the skin, bones, forms, figures and try to understand what makes us people, what is it that makes that you one find a resemblance between a person and his portrait, I want to be able to find the gesture and the gaze of the people on that portraitwants also to challenge me and try to be very accurate, try to be as punctual as possible, reach a representation as close to reality, unpretentious hiper-realistas, through drawing and painting I explore other but I am also exploring me myself.

Study for “Love, sacred, profane love” mixed media


 Untitled, mixed media


What influences you have with regard to art? There are many artists that influence my work, the most important are Velázquez, Rembrandt, John Singer Sargent, William Merritt Chase, Antonio Lopez, Luis Caballero, Juan Cardenas Arroyo, Juan Antonio Roda, Nicolás Uribe, Alex Kanevsky, Sean Cheetham, Kenichi Hoshine, Ashley Wood and Phil Hale, among many others, but those are those who have most been looking lately, I love devouring art books and I spend hours looking at works by these and other artists on the internet.

Jab, mixed technique


It describes a typical day as an artist

Beyond the routine of always, I think that the key in my life is to always have pen and paper, I try to do drawing exercises most of the time, the afternoon I feel on my drawing board and is me goes night drawing or painting in watercolor, when my wife is reading, distracted with TV or working in bed the portrait whenever I possibleIt has become an essential part of my work.

Would like to share some of your beginnings? I always had skill with drawing, and so I got in the arts career, but to be honest I did not know anything more, did not know many artists and really the only thing that interested me were comic books, but I met at career wonderful teachers who showed me artists with skills and works incredible that inspired me to work hard and to follow the path of drawing and painting.

Do have immediate projects? I’m working on a work which I shall explain next to other artists of the workshop that I attend, also I am taking classes of oil to further expand the spectrum of possibilities.

Some direction so that directly contact your fans?





Study for “Love, sacred, profane love” graphite and pen


Laura, Gouache


Thank you very much  Camilo Carreño for the facilities provided for this interview,  much success in all your projects.



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