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Lizzi Gutiérrez a Plastic Artist Dedicated to Expressing Love, Life and Happiness.

unnamed (1)Lizzi Gutiérrez a Plastic Artist Dedicated to Expressing Love, Life and Happiness.

His artistic work this flood of color, where the tenderness, the sweetness and the love bloom. She is a self-taught painter an example of which the will can mas that any fear that where there is a will, there is a way and the limits it them puts on one same. It seemed that none of his works need excessive time of it made well that they are are one to flow of his mind across the paintbrush it this one at sight; the domain of the technology, the safety in the expression they are fundamental elements of his to gesticulate in the language of the image, images that fill the heart thanks to the fascination that provokes this fantastic world that Lizzi gives us.

unnamed (10)

The happiness has been very well portrayed by many pictorial styles along the history. Painters like Renoir, Monet and Matisse emphasize like the most famous. Paintings where the light and the color mean life and happiness.

Interview wiht Lizzi Gutiérrez

unnamed (4)

Wherefrom are you? Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Occupation? Plastic artist.

Do all the pieces compose your artistic work? About 150 piece sold and of my new collection 10 to the sale.

That technical you use? I use acrylic, oils, mixed technologies with cake, charcoal, fabric, encourage cake, inks, pigments with what it could experience different things.

What early influences had you with regard to the art? My history is very funny as at the age of 15, it had not even idea that wise to do or to draw, but one day looking for anything in the cupboard of my Popes, It me fell in the head a few rolls of paper with a few drawings to pencil spectacular of my dad Quede so astonished that I said I want to do this from this moment I proposed it and I am a self-taught painter an example that the will can more than any fear, that wanting is to be able and the limits only them to put on one same…

Describes your work. My work is an essence of my personality but I incline for saying to you that what always I try to reflect and give the others is a happiness in every piece that I do and to leave a positive message.

unnamed (6)


unnamed (7)

Since you would define your style? To classify myself in some style in concretly is difficult, because as artist so much as person I like to evolve and to improve to experience new things, new technologies and different ideas and to be learning day with day.

Since there is born an idea, which inspires you? For the simplest things that exist only it is a question of giving him your own approach and the inspiration me is born of the feelings that I experiment on my daily life, I close the eyes and they start me the ideas, colors and topics flowing.

unnamed (8)

What sensation have you when you do? A sensation of pleasure, happiness, enthusiasm and often even of sanación interior and satisfaction. For me doing is therapeutic I learn many things of my same every picture for me is a personal challenge of excelling myself and teaches me that my imagination does not have limits.

unnamed (5) unnamed (3) unnamed (11)

Where you have exhibited? I have had exhibitions in the cities of Acapulco Guerrero, Culiacán Sinaloa, Los Cabos Baja california Sur, Guadalajara Jalisco, México.

That you have immediate projects? I am employed at my new collection “Capiro” and special collection “PINTOR” at which I will have an exhibition in the City Los Cabos Baja California and soon I will open my own gallery in the city of Culiacán Sinaloa, Mexico.

Some direction in order that your fans contact you directly?




unnamed (2)

unnamed (9)

Thank you very much Lizzi Gutiérrez for the facilities provided for this interview, , much success in all your projects.



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