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Explosion of colors with Fabián Luna

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Fabián Luna a young very ingenious and creative Artist, is not still rules or bosses guides what his mind and heart visualize. His work is very fresh full of explosions of brilliant sticky, energetic colors and many sparkles in different forms. The “Pop Art” is the base of his pieces shows us the reality of the commonness, is not necessary to observe his work a lot of time, communicates at once the magic sensations on the art.

His pieces have a clearly decorative purpose, but at the same time a plastic very concrete value, of maximizing the potential of color as an expressive force. Fabián is a creator without complexes, lives experimenting with everything what this one to his scope.

Benedict; silk-screen printing, acrylic painting on linen


Interview with Fabián Luna

Wherefrom are you? Mexico, DF

occupation? Engineer in Communication Multimedia. Designer in the Institute of Biology, UNAM.

That technical or material you use? Acrylic painting, painting of polymer, synthetic painting, cómic, oil paint.

Jay Brannan; silk-screen printing, acrylic painting

unnamed (6)

Three Jeremy; synthetic painting and silk-screen printing 

unnamed (1)

In that moment you start being interested for the Art?

From the age of 10 years, beginning to draw what was surrounding myself or what my mind was imagining, when saw books of history of the art what mas I am called myself the attention they were the paintings, then always I wanted to study related to drawing and doing; workshops or contests turned part of my life, until I found an artistic current that I fill completely my love towards the art: the Pop Art.

That cartoons or movies you inspire?

My taste is defined in encourage (Japanese cartoons) and as for movies they inspire too much theirs that might not list that they go from the kind of terror and fiction; if it had to define that movies and you encourage they inspire me are: Saint Seiya, Naruto, Interestella 5555 and film like, The science of the dream, 12 monkeys, 2033.

That is what you want to express across the Pop Art?

I show the reputation already be historical or actoral, historical situations; persons images or fashionable cities highlighted with colors brilliants, hot and cold, representing the feelings that give us on having seen the above mentioned images; this is the Pop Art, to show the reality of the commonness, is a simple message of repetition, reputation and dreams with the touch of the consumerism and the capitalism, since the famous ones need from it and we are consuming with dreams.

This commonness (2014) since it had been reflected and since the modes of the today had linked themselves with the reputation and forefront of the past? It is what I show in my works, does not have a logical flow, though it shows reality. He is simple Pop, is not An Advertising not Commercial, artists and singers that live through the repetition and propaganda, but that ultimately are persons like we with colouring dreams, but ultimately the subject can define and choose that it is what it sees across the works: promotion, reputation, to the actor to the personage, the meaning of the colors or a person done POP.

Hero Bastian, injured man but never defeated; silk-screen printing, painting polymer on linen

unnamed (4)

Luis Gerardo Mendez; silk-screen printing, acrylic painting

unnamed (7)

 Aaron Taylor Johnson; silk-screen printing, acrylic painting

unnamed (11)

Mexico; acrylic painting on linen

unnamed (5)Your work describes

Brushstrokes of acrylic painting or of polymer on a silk-screen printing, without they are still rules or bosses, only what my mind and heart visualize, every personage, brand or image they are of my pleasure and it seemed to me to be very good to make them Pop; actually it is not an arduous task, only it is to take paintbrushes and to paint the photo and on putting the brand or product, as if it was a print to the album and to give him some simple touches, my technology is not defined and constant, can be a linen once and to the following one an oil, acrylic painting or I draw of cómic, texturized or simply identical.

Look at me before; Collage and synthetic painting 

unnamed (2)

Are you an artist very young, since it is your experience in the world of the Art?

It is fantastic, in this plane of the art there is no negative pole; the work there this to be admired and if he does not please they her happen from length, till now I have obtained good results, positives, they have pleased and I seem to them to be talented, really it is an experience that I adore, is a short time that I have lived in this area, but it me has been OK and I have known other artists and they have been nice and amicable in spite of the fact that they are, I have to say it with major experience and fantastic works.

And it is the beginning for my, in the world of the art the negatividad does not exist, at least it is what has given me the experience through that I have lived; ” he feels so brilliant ” when they ask me since it is that I did it or that one, and his eyes of amazement it is a sensation of passion and of ego, of love to the art, and while my number of works grow I am entering mas to this plane; even I cannot say to me ” with experience ” I am in the residential zones, even I do not come to the downtown…

Gentleman Don Porfirio Diaz; silk-screen printing, acrylic painting

unnamed (8)

Cool Pedro Infante; collage, synthetic painting

unnamed (9)

The dream of Shoe; collage, silk-screen printing, synthetic painting

unnamed (10)

That you have immediate projects? In this time none, my works do not have fixed course mas that alone ” to express and to show ”

Some direction in order that your fans contact you directly?





Sinister zone; silk-screen printin

unnamed (3)

unnamed (13)

Thank you very much  Fabián Luna for the facilities provided for this interview, very much success in all your projects.



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