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Crystal Galindo A Bold Artist

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Crystal Galindo one artist with a passion for success has a different personality qualities, It is safe, visionary, positive, focused, organized. Each of hispaintings have a dose expression of your personality. His artwork is very colorful rich hues celebrates culture “Xicana”

Alma Mariposa

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His self-portraits are the result of an already accomplished vocation and a sequence at different life cycles has a versatile plastic that breaks canon.The type of body scan focus on the Chicano experience to create his own artistic language. Inspired by the lack of representation of women of color in the media, his work explores the many facets of Chicana women, celebrating diversity and power of their culture sector.

Coatlicue State

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Interview with Crystal Galindo

Occupation? Artist.

Where are you from? San Francisco Bay area, California.

How many parts make up your artistic work? Yes. Many different ideas, concepts and mediums.

What techniques do you use? I mainly paint with acrylics and oils, adding in some mixed media where necessary. I mix elements of planning and visualization for each piece with simply allowing myself room to be intuitive and free.

As you define your style? My style is a mixture of things, Ni de aqui, ni de alla. I am a Xicana, born and raised in California. My style is a fusion of my indigenous roots, California Chicana lifestyle, mujerista politics and body positivity all sprinkled with magical realism and bright, bold colors.

BlackXicana Queen

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29 Dolor


Todo Va Estar Bien

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What influences did you have about art? I grew up looking at fashion magazines and art history books my parents would get me at yard sales, along with the “Lowrider Arte” magazines I had dreamed of being featured in. At some point, I realized that the fashion magazines and art history books weren’t telling my story, or the story of anyone who looked like me or my ancestors. This is when I took the power into my own hands and started to research and delve into the art of my Meso- American ancestors and gained knowledge and wisdom that tapped into a very visceral part of me. I also found confidence in my artwork and myself, which started to change my perspective on beauty.

Be that these very proud of your roots and culture why decided to capture them in your paintings? I knew that there was a huge part of me that I kept hidden growing up. The microagressions and racism that we as people of color face day to day are magnified at adolescence. A large part of the growing up process, I think, is the need for acceptance. I didn’t want to seem different, therefore I watered down my views and stifled the cultural underpinnings of my artistic vision to seem “normal.” Part of this carried on into early adulthood, and I spent the beginning portion of community college focusing on studies from life and observation. I took art class after art class, and had numerous assignments of painting or drawing myself in the mirror. What became abundantly clear to me was that there was no way I could be so honest and open as I am with art and hide my roots. And why would I want to? I realized more and more how comfortable and at home I felt celebrating my culture, no matter how uncomfortable it could make others feel. As soon as I opened myself up to sharing this part of myself in my work, was when I felt that I had so much to say that I never ran out of ideas. As soon as I started one painting, a concept for the next one would blossom, and so on. I understood how important it is to tell my story, and in turn, I can help others do the same.

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Describe your work

My work is a celebration of Raza womyn. Woman who exude power, strength and in turn, have an extraordinary sense of beauty. I capture that beauty and their essence in my paintings by using the parts that make them unique incorporate symbols, icons, and bright colors that surround their bodies. This creates a surreal, magical vibe infused with the energy each muxer undoubtedly has within.

Which artists do you admire? The list can be long, but there are a few I hold dear.
Frida, Esther Hernandez, Kehinde Wiley, Ernesto Yerena, Melanie Cervantes, Jesus Barraza, Santiago Mazatl, and so many more fellow xingon@s whose work is powerful and unapologetic.

Where have you exhibited? I have been in numerous group shows in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Napa, (all in California) and coming up in Phoenix.
I have shown in solo exhibitions in Santa Rosa, Visalia, and coming soon in Oakland (all in California as well).
I will be expanding and showing in different states, making it to the east coast soon. My goal is to show in Mexico as well.

Constuctora de Sueños

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You are a great example of perseverance and overcoming for latin women as they can achieve their dreams? I don’t call myself Latina, I identify as a Xicana. I embrace and have reclaimed my Indigenous roots, using the term Xicana as an act of defiance to colonization. That said, I am honored that you see me as an example of perserverance despite adversity. I think that many of us, growing up brown or black in this very Eurocentric society, we face endless microagressions and underlying racism that shape the way we view ourselves. We are taught to let the privileged tell us our story and accept that we are not worthy of a positive spotlight. I wish to change that. I want the collective mentality of WOC to be that of empowerment for ourselves. Take the power back, tell your story, it is beautiful, YOU are beautiful and worthy. Yes, the standards of patriarchy may be against you and push you down for merely EXISTING. But please push on. Keep going. Achieving your dreams is a total act of defiance and you deserve it!

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What upcoming projects do you have? I have a Exhibition coming up on Friday, October 25th in Oakland at Galeria Beso Maya. The show is called, “Selfies” and showcases a collection of my self portraits, spanning from 2005-2012.
I also have a group show, called “Everything on Deck” in Phoenix, Arizona on November 7th. The show is comprised of art on skateboard decks, with artists from across the US.
For more info, please visit my website’s upcoming events section at

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Crystal Galindo
Xicana Artist
Instagram: @crystal_celeste

Thank you very much  Crystal Galindo for the facilities provided for this interview,  very much success in all your projects.


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