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Alexis Martínez Orozco a Versatile Artist

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Alexis Martinez Orozco a versatile artist a creator without complexes with very comprehensive own style.
A participated in national and international exhibitions a restless young artist, has great technique, every day brings a pencil and a sheet of drawing paper and unleash their creativity.

The peace be achieved in his works is very special, very peculiar language has its own style. His sculptures do not require labels, but a new way of seeing and creating meaning in the context of a specific space and time.

Women Istmeña Gemita I. Marquez technique : oil on canvas measuring 80 x 100 cm


Interview with Alexis Martínez Orozco

Where are you from? It ‘m from San Dionisio del Mar Juchitan Oaxaca is located in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec Oaxaca Mexico

Your occupation? Plastic artist, painter and sculptor.

How many pieces make up your artwork? I have performed over 500 works already sold I have for sale 20 works

What techniques do you use? I use the technique of acrylic and oil, watercolor, ancient temple, textured, abstract mixed media on canvas  I also recorded, acrylic plates and linoleum also make sculptures in clay, cement, plaster, metal mixed media on wood, ceramics resin encapsulated, filled resin, rubber molds etc.

Frida Kahlo art : enamel and oil on canvas measurement: 40 x 60 cm

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What early influences you had about art? I grew up in a place where there are many landscapes, sea, golf etc. I liked drawing and colors since I started going to school in kindergarten at age 4 I really liked the drawings and painting, drawing and painting everything I saw around me, but with colorful wooden.
At the age of 12 years settled my parents to the city of Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico, at age 13 I met a Master plastic artist Roberto Cortes and gave me lessons in drawing and painting were few days to learn well the drawing I quickly I went to the pictures and paint my first painting at age 13 rather complicated at first since I painted with colorful wooden, my first painting. Use the technique of acrylic paint like me, then I flung larger landscapes textured paintings as something related to religious as the last supper, that’s when using the oil and christ paint and donate it to a church of my people in San Dionisio del Mar Oaxaca. Also paint some abstract paintings textured in less than three months to perform various works, thanks to the great master who taught me in less than half a year I learned drawing and painting I was recommended to go to school of fine arts in CEDART ” Alfonso Reyes ” in Monterrey integrated Bellas Artes in Mexico. At 15 log in CEDART that’s where I started to learn a lot more other techniques of painting , watercolor , ancient temple etc. Sculptures in plaster, clay, wax, cement, wood etc. Also linocut I had my first exhibitions in the gallery of the school, participating in several group exhibitions outside the school in galleries and museum in Monterrey I got a scholarship in plastic Association of Southeast Monterrey, exhibitions, to 18. After I graduate at age 19 and continue with what I like, the art world, because everything I see for me is art.

From suffering to happiness art : textured acrylic and oil on canvas, fish is made of wax measurement: 75 x 90 cm

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God of fire technique : acrylic and oil on canvas measurement: 40 x 80 cm

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Christ ” Frace ” technique: acrylic on canvas measuring 50 x 80 cm

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Describe your work

In my Canvases or sculptures I leave a part of me. Because the paint I leave feeling with brush and paint I express on canvas, whenever I paint a landscape or a human figure or something religious I leave a technique or style either some cultures of Mexico and also paint animals sea ​​and octopus I identify a lot.

Where have you exposed ? I’ve been in numerous group exhibitions in galleries and museums in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico San Nicolas NL Santiago Nuevo Leon and also participate in a group exhibition at the Gallery ” Fausto Christ ” Provincial Committee of the UNEAC Holguin “CUBA ” “Passion without borders ” ( group exhibition ) of Mexican artists, plastic association of sutheast Monterrey 2014.
My goal is to show my works elsewhere and Mexico.

How would you define your style? It’s something Libre something born me , something that goes with the canvas whenever pinto I leave a own technique a picture, and convey love, happiness and sadness a silence that my paintings can express yourself in different ways, so when people hanging the paintings and painted on its walls, the colors have joy and transmits them something to see.

The latter technique dinner : ancient temple on canvas measuring 50 x 80 cm

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Still life of fruit technique : oil on canvas measurement: 40 x 60 cm

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What inspires you to do your sculptures? I am inspired by things that I like , as already mentioned I like the faces and the human figure and more sea animals and birds.

Want to tell the audience that your sculpture is very present octopus? When I started doing this sculpture  I started grabbing his face, then his side a fish, then because of the head was very lonely not want to put you a simple hair, so I thought I put the octopus because I really like the octopus I identify with octopus and then left for the piece and that is why that part is appreciated but the octopus tentacles are part of the hair, the hair has movement and tentacles like, I like my sculptures have some movement that is not straight  And I put the title: Love of animals of the sea.

Love of animals of technical sea: terracotta sculpture tedida : 25 x 38 cm

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Describe a typical day as an artist 

Every day I have a pencil and paper handy ‘m a little worried I like drawing creating and drawing several drawings in less than three hours either face or human figure or an animal sometimes I’m painting a picture or painting that charge me or ‘m carving a block of plaster I do and then will give a figure or whether a face out of that block of plaster, or sometimes I grab the brush and paint on paper a landscape ideas everyday arise.

Christ and technical Mary terracotta sculpture measure: 25 x 40 cm


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When did you start to see yourself as an artist? I started at 13 but I consider myself a professional artist for 18 years.

What upcoming projects do you have? I’m working individually creating works for a title for my first solo exhibition.

Any direction for your fans contact you directly? I’m a fan of social networking so I can find me on facebook, Intagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


Instagram  alexis_art_orozco



Women technical profile: flax recorded measurement: 20 x 20 cm 

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Thank you very much  Alexis for the facilities provided for this interview,  very much success in all your projects.



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