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Juan Pablo Otálvaro Marulanda a True Artist

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Juan Pablo Otálvaro Marulanda not served art to be known, however it is a true artist who brings a lot to the art world. Only a true artist as he is able to create a innovative, moving and frightening at the same time composition, encompassed within a graphical language; homosexuality, transsexuality, images of pain,  obese women without facial features or conversely, skin wound where the meat forms folds the charm of the shapes and textures envelop the viewer in an unsettling and irresistible maelstrom.

His work directly communicate your feelings without intermediate forms are raw always straightforward.

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Interview with Juan Pablo Otálvaro Marulanda

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Your occupation? I am a Visual Artist; I mainly dedicated to photography and painting.

Where are you from? I was born in the city of Pereira in the department of Risaralda Colombia

How many pieces make up your artwork? In what I wear my short career I have experienced different techniques which led me to make many paintings (50 or more) photographs, and other art forms such as performance, video art and graffiti.

What techniques do you use? It would be a bit complicated to describe technically , the technique varies depending on the media you are using, sometimes working with acrylic or vinyl when he made speeches on the walls, but I usually use other materials such as oils and sprays.

What early influences you had about art? My early influences were Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, Alejandro Taborda (Colombia) Francis Baicon, Lucían Frued, Jackson Pollock, Jean Michael Basquiat.


Describe your work

Aesthetic considerations from the aesthetic category of the ugly in art, dissolved in a myriad of subjective views where each individual decides by his experiences, his reason and his own sensitivity if something is beautiful or not.
My work is the product of reflection emerged as disturbing support to build an aesthetic look, the work subjectivities means beauty in the art of the grotesque, encompassed within a graphical language; homosexuality, transsexuality, images of pain, obese women without facial features or conversely, skin wound where the meat forms folds.

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How is born an idea that inspires you? I never believed much in inspiration I think that our demonstrations are products of our contextual and cultural relations, as a kind of re- programming, for my part the concepts board are in most cases directly or close relationship I generated great curiosity social issues and art is something that helps me bring and understand these aspects. I use pictorial references that address similar themes; currently studying much the work of artists like Jenny Saville, Nick lepard, Andrew Salgado, Borondo among others.


How would you define your style?
I always tried to get out some schemes, the guidelines, stain, dirty and abstract are my starting point for any pictorial demonstration I involve strong strokes, and sudden strokes with spatulas figuratively I always look high contrasts to find ways and I like being subtle with some features, try to involve figure and ground, but sometimes consider to be more romantic with volumes and respect the forms and colors of the body.

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Want to share something about your beginnings? Since I was small I felt great pleasure to dibujar, much like my interpretation of my reality I think like everyone scratching the walls and anything that I had at my disposal; to grow when I started experiemntar different techniques such as oil, tempera, acrylic, cool I leaned much pastels and excessive abuse of color, sometimes I try to keep that childlike when painting.

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Where have you exposed?

2006 Exhibition-Embossed on tin bronze. Mayor of Dosquebradas.

2007 Guest Artist Performance (My Thing Your Thing, La Cuadra 2007).
Regional Artists Hall of west central area imaginary axes.
Solar Park City victoria-Guest artist.
2008 Exhibition of drawing-Van häuten. Technological University of Pereira (Drawing).
Exhibition of drawing-Van häuten. Free University of Pereira, School of Law (Drawing).

2009 Fotofrance 2009 finalist – Publication fotofrance library magazine. Barranquilla
2010 Collective Exhibition häuten-Van. (Installation – Painting). Technological University of Pereira.
Picture Group Exhibition (Video Art).
Showroom Faculty of Arts and Humanities Technological University of Pereira. The Toaster sample of Experimental Video and video art, Category ART FESTIVAL (video: body – painting – transfiguration.). Technological University of Pereira.

2011 Solo exhibition disintegrated Corporation (Painting). Showroom Biker Town.
Collective Exhibition of Photography fotourbe – Documentary category (Grandparents of nowhere). Old Club Rialto.
Photographic Group Exhibition fotourbe – Free category (Velos Exposed). Old Club Rialto.
2012 Group Exhibition of Painting. Lucy Tejada Cultural Center.
2013 Group exhibition of painting. The block.
2014 National Meeting of Cota artists dressed in colors. Collective Exhibition (Painting, Series subjectivities). Cota / Cundinamarca.


What upcoming projects do you have? At the moment I’m working on a series of portraits, landscapes of the female body and bodily changes, ranging from gay, transgender, sex workers to drug addicts and victims of conflict that I think make a large scale in different venues throughout the city.

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Any direction for your fans contact you directly?

Instagram Hashtags #otal_arts


Thank you very much Juan Pablo for the facilities provided for this interview, very much success in all your projects.



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