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Beautiful Woman Artist Belinda Camacho

Belinda Camacho a young visual artist leaves his creative and sensitive seal on his way over in his work, has taken naturally, passion and dedication the difficult task of making art, has a total command of his creative force.
Beautiful Woman presents a series of paintings with the faces of women from countries such as Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Kenya and the United States.
Each piece was created with the impasto technique: impasto brushwork is very heavy with thick paint. The mixture of colors may be complete or partial: a mixture of uniform color, thoroughly mixed.
So that colors remain independent but are together visually in the same stroke. This creates a lively feel, with striated colors to apply the thick brushstrokes. The portrait is a difficult mode for a painter always a challenge.
Belinda succeeds in translating its knowledge of aesthetics, with the beauty of melancholy and sad his brushwork is broad and has the configuration from within looming up an exterior that is resounding, the result is outstanding.

Name: Alondra (United States)
Size: 36 X 48 Inches
Technique: impasto

                                                                                      Interview with Belinda Camacho 

Your name? Belinda Camacho Valencia

Where are you from? I am from Bogota, Colombia

Occupation? I am a visual artist, painter

Name: Elid ( Colombia )
Size: 30 X 39 Inches
Technique: impasto

How would you define your style? I would describe my style full of feeling, every piece I produce is representing different situations. That’s why most of my works are portraits.

What early influences you had about art? When small I was always very interested in art, but in the music I was studied music for a long time one of my biggest influence was my father , he is a musician, composer and actor. In my free time I like to play tennis and also used to draw, I liked the anime and drew cartoons for hobby, also used to decorate cards or design tattoos, was until later, after graduating from school with a sports scholarship tennis I had the opportunity to study visual arts. It was in college that I found my passion for painting.

Name : Faith ( Kenya )
Size: 36 X 48 Inches
Technique: impasto

Describe your work

Beautiful Woman is a show where you can see how the different features on the face makes a unique and beautiful woman. Each painting is a portrait of women from different countries including the Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Kenya and the United States.
In each piece I created using bright contrasting colors, dark backgrounds and use the ” impasto ” technique in order to create strong feelings in the viewer to whom you can relate.

What do you feel when you paint? The feelings that I have when I paint depend painting I’m working, if for example I want to show my joy in painting using color and composition to create this feeling , so those are the feelings that I perceive. If at the end and watch the paint still have the same feeling to say that painting is a success and is able to convey the feeling by which it was created.

Describe a typical day as an artist

A typical day as an artist is to get up early in the morning and after a good breakfast paint , personally I like to paint in the morning because I prefer to use natural light to artificial , I also really like music so most of the time listening music for kids, sport has been much of my life especially tennis, so some days after painting by going to the tennis courts for a while, which I also like to do is go to different places such as public parks my “sketch book” and draw people.

Who is your favorite artist live? I have several artists I like Joshua Miels is one of them, most of his paintings are picture frames and also uses the ” impasto ” technique using colors and compositions are great.

Name: Frehiwot ( Ethiopia)
Size: 24 X 30 Inches
Technique: impasto

Name: Karla ( El Salvador )
Size: 24 X 30 Inches
Technique: impasto

Name: Veronica ( El Salvador )
Size: 24 X 19 Inches
Technique: impasto

Where have you exposed?
So far I just graduated from college and I’m starting my career as an artist I have exhibited in the art gallery of Benedict College in the United States in South Carolina there I made my presentation “Beautiful Woman”

What immediate plans? Right now I ‘m working on a new exhibition in Colombia in the cities of Bogota and Quibdo where Art and poetry will unite to express feelings.

Any direction for your fans contact you directly?

Instagram: @bela_camachov

Thanks Belinda for the facilities provided for this interview, very success in all your projects.



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