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Carmina Alcalá Roiz Soul Artist
Beauty is important in art and also for the tastes of each who is the case of the artistic work of Carmina Alcalá Roiz complies with all beauty has hook and captures the attention of art lovers. It has soul of artist is creative by nature, excellent used lithography, engraving, watercolor, mixed media. Use color to express themselves to communicate what she feels that in particular that makes to its essence, his vision of the wonderful thing about the world that surrounds it. His artistic work has a load of color and grace that brings sympathy and joy, a hymn to life, the couple, maternity, family…
His worth being shared it radiates and spread happiness I invite you enter in, through a story narrated by the artist with a very particular language.

Title: “dreaming”
Size: 1.00 x 80 cm.
Technique: Oil on canvas
Author: Carmina Alcalá R.

My name is Carmina Alcalá Roiz.

I am originally from Ciudad Obregon, Sonora and although I was able to reside in different cities for work purposes my husband back here and continue living in Obregon.

I deal mainly with my family and my home, after that I’d be painting anything whatever provided to keep learning and improving my techniques, there’s a lot that we can continue to develop.

Title: “Insertidumbre”
Size: 1.00 x 80 cm.
Technique: Mixed technique with silver leaf.
Author: Carmina R. Alcalá

Title: “Masks”
Size: 1.20 x 90 cm .
Technique: Oil on canvas .
Author: Carmina R. Alcalá

When I ask the pieces of my work I stay in white lol I can not say exactly how many I have painted before badly did not have the habit of recording and photographing but long ago I’m doing and for now remember about 80 pictures, those pads if not few have delivered well, but not as many as the pictures I think.

I think that I have a major style although some people to see one of my paintings then recognize it and know that I am very happy I always like to paint something definite, that it is not much doubt as to his figures and his image but just me like what abstract and think that today is so broad and diverse the art world, which is good paint a little of everything. I love experimenting techniques and elements so they make my style somewhat variable.

Title: “St. Soul”
Size: 80 x 60 cm .
Techniqu: Acrylic on canvas.
Author: Carmina R. Alcalá

Title: “The Ring”
Size: 80 x 60 cm.
Technique: Acrylic on canvas.
Author: Carmina R. Alcalá

I love the colors and the endless range that can create mixtures so try to make colorful, cheerful, everyday things too calm and light themes that appeal to all ages. In my work there are a variety of issues and I always like to do different things in order to learn from all this, each new image I paint is a goal that I set me to achieve what I want.

Title: “The Dreamer”
Size: 32 x 25 cm.
Technique: Acrylic on canvas.
Author: Carmina R. Alcalá

Title: “The Dreamer II”
Size: 32 x 25 cm .
Technique: Acrylic on canvas.
Author: Carmina R. Alcalá

The techniques used to use are many I started with oil, was the first thing he learned from a recognized teacher who gave private lessons at home, continue with acrylic taking more classes with a painter and teacher and consolidated which thanks to her and support I can say I made ​​the decision to continue with this art and make it part of my life since unpainted do not know how would my days I have also learned watercolor, lithography and etching so all part of my works.
Also use mixed techniques where you can add an unlimited number of elements and a huge variety of aspects are achieved. I can not avoid mentioning that the teachers I’ve had are so professional, excellent people and with such a heightened experience that my growth as an artist is due in large part to them.

Title: “My Frida”
Size: 50 x 35 cm.
Technique: Oil.
Author: Carmina R. Alcalá

Title: “Filomena”
Size: 50 x 35 cm.
Technique: Watercolour.
Author: Carmina R. Alcala

My influences have been too many artists , but also people I have met throughout my life, know and the experiences and experiences of others, striving to achieve what they want for themselves or their families, also that was much of what I push myself to do something I really like, do not want my children to conform only to do well in school, hopefully goals that fill you with pride and self- satisfaction are proposed and it was like decided to start do something for myself, doing what I love, paint, paint and paint. So I can say that my influences have not been nomas artists and painters but people who have been blessed to know.

You have so many ideas I want to capture that I need many still achieve haha inspiration I have is my family because I think if I work in carrying out my projects, that can push them to make their own, each new idea fills me with inspiration everything comes in due course.

Title: “The Frida and Diego”
Size: 70x 60 cm.
Technique: Acrylic on canvas.
Author: Carmina R. Alcalá

Title: “My Little Meninas”
Size: 40 x 40 cm .
Technique: Acrylic on canvas.
Author: Carmina R. Alcalá

I participated in some exhibitions in my city and I hope to make it out of here too. My projects continue painting based on my ideas, deliver orders and continue to create all the images I have in my mind.
I have several tables that I’m working for future presentations.

Long ago a friend asked me to please me to paint a cushion because he wanted the other pair, I had not painted before in fabric and turned it remained padrisimo and liked it, because of that I still paint pads and everything that can be as bags, I do not custom bags, if I painted some who already consider making revive old abandoned with a new twist and are Cufflinks.

Ana Cristina thank you very much for your interest in other people take up everything that surrounds beautiful and interesting art.

These are some of the cushions that I paint is acrylic on canvas, the normal size is 47 cm. I do many different themes according to customer request.

My contacts are:

Facebook: Carmina Alcala

Title: “The Search”
Size: 50 x 40 cm.
Technique: Acrylic on canvas.
Author: Carmina R. Alcalá

Title: “The Two”
Size: 50 x 40 cm.
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Autho: Carmina R. Alcalá

Carmina Thanks for the facilities provided for this article, very success in all your projects.


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