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Esther Messer a Artist Divine


Esther Messer a artist divine, his work is fascinating palette ductile, sensitive, refined, chimeric and non-aggressive where textures are fabrics and human figures sculpted with wire or other materials, to integrate into the painting.
In the eyes of the viewer her paintings manage to lush shades with lots of details, a pleasure to the senses, loaded of a myriad of emotions forms reach the movement to gather in an open sky where it reaches freedom and the divinity of the spirit.

Abstract expressionism are generally abstract in the sense that they eliminate the figurative figuraciontrazos, also there are exceptions and some employ strokes figurative, appearing recognizable figures.

Title: “from the real to the imaginary I”
Measure: 1, 30 × 2, 70 m


Interview with Esther Messer

Your name? My name is Esther Messer

Where are you from? I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina

My occupation responds to my plastic artist activity

Do many parts compose your artistic work? Tell exactly the number of pieces that paint is difficult, since many years concentrating on painting, but I guess more than 300, currently I have an enough work due to my permanent and uninterrupted work, which development with passion. Unhandled Exception.

Title: “A lady”
Technique: acrylic
Measurement: 1.50 x 1.50 m2


What techniques do you use? While I worked the oil, I lean a bit more by acrylic once through the experience of their management, I got the same noble of the glazes, modeled results and subtleties, that oil is credited by its own right, also I like to develop mixed media featuring textures, fabrics and human figures sculpted with wire or other materials to integrate into the painting.

How would you define your style? My style is abstract and expressionist figuration.

Title “Looking for a place”
Technique: acrylic
Measurement: 1.50 x 1.50 m



Describes your work

If I would have to describe my painting or my work, would say that it is emotional and spirit, because it comes from when he managed to lift me to a higher plane, only from that moment is what I call art, get out of the plane of superficiality is fundamental, is for me a way to connect with God and only from there to create.

Would you like to share something of your beginnings? In my early days abound expressionist faces, geometric abstraction, Cubism, concerning different stages of my life. I studied and graduated at the two colleges of Arts, Prilidiano Pueyrredón and Ernesto De La Cárcova. And to from there, locking much at my Atelier, which is what allows you to recognize you in the paint.

Title “The future”
Technique: acrylic
Measure: 1, 50 x 1,50 m


What feeling do you have when you paint? The prospect that managed is air, my palette of colors you choose, depends on the integration that gets done with them, which are harmonised, in rhythmic dynamism that amague them, the subject matter provided it does not decide it, is not for my primary, I feel that it is an excuse for everything else, that if it would be in the foreground such as emotion, reflection, the feeling, that is very important.

Where have you exposed? I explained in my country and abroad Italy, Spain, Japan, Thailand, New York, Cuba, Brazil.

Title: “Recalling that place”
Technique Acrylic
Measurement: 1.50 x 1.50 m


Title: “Spring in my life”
Technique: acrylic
Measurement: 1.33 x 1, 50 m


Does it hurt to let go a piece you’ve sold? I would say that at first, until I realized that a work must also fulfil a social function, and let someone choose it you Wacom and happy.

Title: “from the real to the imaginary III”
TECHNIC: mixed
Measure: 1, 30 × 1, 80m


Title “They understand.”
Technique: acrylic
Measure: 1 × 1, 20m

What immediate projects do you have? My projects are always painted to be prepared at each exposure arising, in addition I have permanent exhibition in my living room, everything I do it with passion.

Title: “from the real to the imaginary II”
TECHNIC: mixed
Measured 1.30 x 2, 70 m

Some direction so that directly contact you your fans?


Instagram: esthermesser

Title “of the real to the imaginary IV”
Mixed technique
Medida:1, 30 x 1,80 m


Thank you very much Esther for the facilities granted to make this article, much success in all your projects.



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