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Love and Art – Artist Monica Villarreal


The universal language of love is what defines the artistic work of the painter Monica Villarreal, excellent, bright an absolutely coherent work, we see an artist with mastery of technique the message, composition and texture, a work of great expressive force without losing plamasdas poetry and delicacy in each of his paintings.
In the words of the artist ‘s heart is the symbol of the soul… In February we celebrate the month of love, let yourself be enveloped by an irresistible maelstrom of love and art.



Interview with Monica Villarreal

Your name?
Monica Elizabeth Garza Villarreal

Where are you from?
I am from Monterrey, N.L. Mex.

artistic painter.

How many pieces make up your artwork?
I not keep track.


What techniques do you use?
The techniques I use most often are acrylic and oil or a mixture of both.

How would you define your style?
Figurative, surreal.

Describe your work
In my painting the desert mixed with my dreams and my heart, the heart is the symbol of the soul…


What early influences you had about art?
I was influenced by my parents who are painters in Monterrey, N.L.
I grew up watching my father paint every day and giving painting lessons to his students, always with that discipline and passion for art and painting.

At what point did you start to be interested in painting?
When we moved to live in the desert of Arizona, with my family, five years ago it is when I started to paint.

What do you want to convey through it?
Beauty, a memory, a moment when no exists time …


Describe a typical day as an artist

I tend to paint every day, 5 or 6 hours a day and always combine my artistic activities, or with being a housewife and mother.



Where have you exposed?
In Mexico and the United States. Most of the exhibits where I participate are here in Phoenix, Arizona.


What immediate plans?
Participating in the exhibition “VENUS” that explores the eroticism and sensuality of the female figure in the International Table Latino Arts Gallery in Tucson, Arizona on February 12 and expose my series of paintings of hearts, here in Phoenix, in this February month.



Any address to contact you directly to your fans?


Twitter: mon_villarreal

Instagram: monica_villarreal


Mónica thanks for the facilities provided for this article, very successin all your proyects.


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