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Fantasy and Happiness Artist Clara Soschin

The work of the artist plastic argentine Clara Soschin has a purpose clearly decorative, but at the same time a value plastic very concrete, the of maximize the potential of the color with much force expressive,
The nature of his work intense, feminine, mystical, this mixture awakens in the viewer the purest emotion.


Interview witth Clara Soschin

Name? Clara Soschin

Where are you from? Argentina, cap fed

Occupation? Plastic artist

How many pieces make up your artwork? Many, I never told


What techniques do you use? I currently work in two very different series, I use a variety of media acrylic and other mixed media where I mix different materials to get the texture you desire.

How would you define your style? Abstract, surreal, feminine and intense.


At what point did you start to be interested in painting? Historically, very girl had interest in drawing and painting and go through various workshops.

What do you want to convey through it? I wish to convey my way of feeling and imagination to enable the viewer to find their own stories in my work.


How do you feel when you let go of one of your pieces? Happiness. It means someone is reflected in my work and want him.

Does the work is purchased or bought from the artist? The work is an extension of the artist, so both are purchased.




Working in my work several hours a day, sometimes including weekends and combine individual studio work with my students who teach and with the classes they attend me as I think you always need to further investigate different técnicass and share workspaces.



Where were you exposed? I have exhibited in places of all kinds, formal and informal. Bars, cultural events, plazas, galleries and Recoleta Cultural Center.

What upcoming projects do you have? On September 1 will expose in Argentina and Mexico. In Argentina in Bada – La Rural, chap. Fed and the French Alliance in Mexico, Benito Juarez.


Any direction for your fans contact you directly? or Instagram @clarasoschin



Clara thanks for the facilities provided for this article, very successin all your proyects


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