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Carlos Galindo Creative Artist



Carlos Galindo
Oil and acrylic techniques
surreal and abstract style

Carlos Galindo has a great creativity without rules his artistic work away the spectator what gives everyday experience, the symphony of colors is the protagonist; modeling, drawing and outlines the way.
legerdemain, conjuring, sensitivity and feeling quoted in the paintings of artist Carlos Galindo occur, the viewer does not stop to question or tired rises and recreates his own background whole imaginary substance that is proposed, therefore to reach a communion with the artist’s vision in its monitoring should act visionary.



What early influences had with respect to art?

I had very marked surrealism and fantasy influences. I liked the definition of surrealism as “disaggregate reality in the human mind” at 14 I knew the work of Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali and Mexican muralists like Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros.
Each style in them shocked me a different feeling: The value of Frida to openly express their feelings without fear, Boldness Dali by challenging conventional forms of reality and transform the mundane into iconic images in the history of art with a high aesthetic value, brutality and greatness in the forms of Diego Rivera to express the feelings of our nation always permeating their physiognomy and finally the enormous strength and vitality of each line of David Alfaro Siqueiros in expression and form of the human body, fire in his eyes and the determining factor in the vanishing points of your prospects.



How it is born an idea that inspires you?

Nostalgia initially needed to start an idea, sometimes I have dreams that take at bedtime, fortunately I dream very strange things. I am very temperamental and when an emotion invades me take as an engine of creation and start doodling or sketches and then I’ll giving a definite shape. I inspire much curved lines, ellipses, oblique and sometimes when I see something very boring in reality, my mind begins to transform that image with these lines, deform reality a bit and try to give an aesthetic sense. I’m passionate blue colors and I like to adapt an idea in these shades, it is a palette that expresses peace, freedom, independence, coldness and transparency.



You want to share something about your beginnings?

I started painting at age 14 when he was in the workshop of plastic arts in school, I learned a little of each technique and I started going to museums, including The Blue House of Frida Kahlo in Mexico City, from there I started imitate being able to express myself through painting since I was a little introverted and unburdened all my feelings on the canvas, I could say that at the beginning the painting was like an emotional therapy for me. I never realized but there came a time when I could see reflected all the feelings in every picture he painted and it was like come alive each expressed element was like watching a living part of my being locked in a painting, as if they could speak voice with each embodied feeling, which were mostly anger and sadness. It was something revealing and liberating at the same time. with the tiempofueí transforming that style to project a more decorative style as wanted that people could have an encouraging picture and inject them life and excitement to their senses.



Where were you exposed?

I have not had any formal statement, I have a business dedicated to coffee and sometimes there I announce part of my job temporarily adapting the space as a gallery. Some people saw me working in my coffee or watching some pieces gives them the confidence to ask for an aportandome painting ideas and then we are going to work until the end result where they are very happy and satisfied. This month I will have the opportunity to be part of an event of painting and art in the city of Queretaro, Mexico where I will display my work with other talents of the arts, a pavilion visual arts (Event name: Caminarte )



What is “Creative coffee” and as you decide to merge a cafe with art?

Creative Cafe is a small space that decided to create, taking into account
to all those who enjoy a little retail space and focused to
art and design. I like the idea that there is a space
propel people born or amateur talent as in galleries
conventional protocol is how to select the
exhibitors. This space is totally free and open to people who
have the anxiety of showing their art work.


Any direction for your fans contact you directly?
currently settled in the city of Queretaro Mexico.
I’m on instagram as
Facebook same way 


Carlos thanks for facilities provided for this article, very successin all you proyects


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