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From Venezuela Carlos Portillo


Carlos Portillo
Trujillo Venezuela
Student of Visual Arts
100 pieces of expressionist series
Mixed media on different media

Carlos Portillo is a gifted artist of powers to communicate and move, handles very well the content of his work, has message, imagination and innovation. Causes a reaction in the viewer, stimulates your imagination and fantasy.
His work maintains a dynamism that exploits all the possibilities of mutation, ultimately, rich in nuances, with a plastic versatility that breaks canons, this work is worthy of being shared.



How would you define your style? Neoexpressionist

You want to share something about your beginnings?
My early take direction most of all to music mainly singing, profession until today I exercise, but within the pictorial field and drawing was all thanks to my father who always work with silkscreen, fences and other branches covering advertising, I always liked drawing, and especially the color always filled me as a child, when you get to high school as a good clueless teenager could not get college career studying and it was my mother knowing my gifts and ease of painting who motivates me to study visual arts at the university of the Andes Merida Venezuela gradually went on track and knowing the great artists of the renaissance and the avant-garde, it was not easy to find as an artist inquire rather than as they say here colloquially “di hits the spot” and when I touch the senses German expressionism, characters, strokes and stop counting a rather broad world in which I plunged and so far I feel a love for this art movement.



Describe your work
Mainly my work is based on personal experiences and many cases of everyday life, in which we get different characters that have different feelings and emotions the explanation is easy because my country Venezuela is going through a really complex situation for each of its inhabitants and by a number of colors and textures I forming compositions in order to immerse the viewer in the social problem of each of the characters.



When did you start to see yourself as an artist?
This same 2016 after several studies got my passion and love for expressionism

What plastic artists living you admire?
Georg Baselitz, Jorge Pizzani, Starky Brines, Julian Villafañe




Where have you exposed?
I have actually had very few exposures have not defined my style, but I’m working on it to expose the remainder of the year and those that come with the help of God.
Carmelo Fernández exhibited at the museum in the state Yaracuy Venezuela group exhibition all against all.
I had a pictorial exhibition with baquianos Mukumbari art gallery in the state of Merida.




What upcoming projects do you have?
Paint, paint every day and still get good results, and as mentioned earlier continue working to send my toilsome whatever comes nationally and internationally submit proposals open to any artistic call.



Any direction for your fans contact you directly?
They can follow me on Instagram @portilloart_ve mail me




Carlos thanks for facilities provided for this article, very successin all you proyects


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