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Miguel Cuauhtemoc


 Miguel Cuauhtémoc
 México. Distrito Federal
 Plastic artist

Bacalar Mixed media technique on canvas 110 x 80 cm 2016 unnamed

In November I had the opportunity to meet the magic town of Bacalar, known as “The home of the 7 color lagoon”, in the state of Quintana Roo. The village is small and beautiful, the weather is perfect, the people are very friendly and the food is delicious.
After the holidays, it was necessary to arrive to continue painting, I could not stop thinking about how sublime that lagoon was, I took the canvas and decided to pay an abstract homage to this paradisiac village.


Carnival in the sky Mixed media on canvas 100 x 100 cm 2016


After reading a text about the CoBrA movement, created in Paris in 1948, I was inspired by the main idea, free art, where the artists of the movement were inspired by the drawings of children and / or mentally ill, where There were rules, they simply had to identify with the freedom of creation.
In addition, let the colors and ideas flow, after a relatively short time, this piece called “Carnival in the sky” was born.


Ceiling Acrylic on canvas 150 x 100 cm 2016


Knowing a little about medical topics, I was inspired by how doctors can read analyzes, exams, results, X-rays and countless documents that for one may be illegible.
I do not know exactly what a Cefalización is, but if I were a doctor and an artist at the same time, I would say that Cefalización is more or less like this.


Fiesta in Oaxaca Mixed media on canvas 110 x 80 cm 2016


Between crafts, music, art, food, heat, tlayudas and coffee, one of the most beautiful things I found in the state of Oaxaca, were the Tehuanas dresses, when I returned to my workshop I could not resist the colors of the threads With black background. From there was born this piece.


Red fruits Mixed media on canvas 110 x 80 cm 2016


After reviewing a couple of books on the Mexican School of Painting, I found many works and sketches of great artists who have made still lifes; With a more contemporary idea and inspired by expressionist art, make my own still life, where you can find watermelons, apples, grapes, strawberries and blackberries.


Electrocardiogram of the painter Oil on canvas 120 x 60 cm 2017


With the same idea of the painting “Cephalization”, I asked myself what would be the reading of the electrocardiogram of a painter, according to the colors and textures impregnated on the cloth, this painting visually composes the heart beat of an artist.


Night painter Mixed media on canvas 120 x 90 2016


One of those nights where the desire to paint are immense but the ideas do not flow, the white frame dominates me and no song is good, I decided to turn everything off and turn on a couple of candles to inspire me, after a short time, I began to paint , It was me, my self portrait. I decided to title him, “The Night Painter”


Thank you very much Miguel for the facilities granted to carry out this article.


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