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Expression and movement with Sylvia Campos

The work of the Chilean artist Sylvia Campos is widely recommended, has a strong content full of messages, imagination, novelty and compositions that attract the look.
In each one of his pictures is shaped his personality full of expression and movement.
Each viewer experiences an invasion of passion in each stroke and cleaning in the contrast of colors.

Omnipresent Torus – acrylic on canvas – 1mx1.50cm


First name?

Sylvia Campos

Where are you from?

I was born in Peñaflor, a small town near Santiago de Chile, I have lived in the Capital for 5 years.


Painter and dancer of burlesque and poledance, of profession I am Engineer in Marketing.

How many pieces make up your artistic work?

Approx. 30 works.

What techniques do you use?

I use acrylic on canvas and on wood (trupan) sometimes mixed media.

 Led Zeppelin – acrylic on tel a- 90 × 1.20cm

 America Paz – mixed technique – 50x70cm

What early influences did you have on art?

My father is a painter and photographer, all my life I saw art in my house, with thousands of pictures that were changing frequently on the walls. Although he uses oil and his paintings are more classic. I was inspired to follow in his footsteps.

Also in my time of student had a companion with whom we often visited art galleries and exhibitions in Santiago.

Describe your work

My work is mainly inspired by nature and music. I think that in nature is all the perfect beauty, I like the designs and colors of butterflies, fish, flowers, birds, etc. On the other hand, music is one of the most important things in my life, I am a fan of rock and blues. I have painted some paintings inspired by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Grand Funk, Bjork, Cerati, Spinetta and portraits of Chilean musicians: Felipe Toro (voice and guitar), Claudio Bluesman Valenzuela (Harmonista) and bassist America Paz.

Another of my inspirations has been Europe, it seems to me that there is a beautiful architecture and landscapes, as it was like “Positano”, a village in Italy with hill houses and a beach with characteristic sunshades.

France also inspired me to paint “The Simple Things of Life”, I wanted to use the classic colors of the movie “Amelie” and with a message in French at the bottom of the painting: “Les choses simples dans la vie¨.

My influences in style are pop-art, abstract art and impressionism. My favorite artists are Van Gogh, Dalí, Andy Warhol and Klimt.

I am currently working on commissioned works.

Positano – acrylic on canvas – 70x90cm

The simple things of life – acrylic on canvas – 1,20x90cm.

When did you start seeing yourself as an artist?

I started painting from 2015, inspired by my father and also by my love, the musician Felipe Toro, I wanted to give him a painting for his birthday when I met him, and from there I have not stopped painting, I fell in love with painting and I I realized that I was good and that people liked my work. I’ve been painting for almost two years and now I dare say I’m an artist, a Chilean painter.

I also dedicate myself to dance, to the naked, to the sensuality. I can express the art of movement and eroticism with my body.

Cultrun and copihue mapuche – acrylic on canvas – 67x46cm

What do you think of art today?

I think there are incredibly talented artists, hyper-realism impresses me but at the same time I think it’s not my goal, I like to have a style of my own, like every artist. The artists dare to generate impact with their works, to show the world of today. There is a lot of contemporary creativity with different techniques.

Claudio Bluesman – acrylic on canvas – 50x70cm

The Instrument is born of Nature – acrylic on canvas – 47x70cm

Where have you exposed?

I participated in an exhibition of emerging artists in Barrio Italia in Santiago. I also have two of my works for sale and exhibition in a store located in the same neighborhood.

Battery – acrylic on canvas – 47x70cm

Cultrun Mapuche – acrylic on canvas – 50x85cm

Any direction for your fans to contact you directly?

You can follow me through Instagram: elartedesylvia and Facebook: elartedesylvia

A thousand thanks Sylvia for the facilities granted to make this article, very successful in all your projects.


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