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The Artist Empowered Magdalena Ehul

Magdalena Ehul very prolific artist, her style can not go unnoticed, highlights her admiration for the feminine figure, full of symbolism, fantastic women who carry a parallel universe full of magic that invites us to enter, feel and contemplate.
The Argentine artist Magdalena Ehul is an empowered woman and as such assumes a social function, she transmits with her paintings to other women to develop their potential.
His artistic work demonstrates mastery and talent, has a broad proposal worth knowing, the viewer enjoys paintings with an appropriate tonal balance, loose brush strokes.

"Miracle in the jungle", acrylic on a frame, 110 cm x 100 cm


First name?

My name is Magdalena Ehul Ayerza, but they say “Male” for that, my signature is Male Ehul (this being my first surname).

Where are you from?

I am from Chascomús, a town in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently, for 11 years, I live in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, known as the Federal Capital.


I am Licensed in Journalistic Communication. I work as a communicator, although in recent years I have been increasingly involved in the world of illustration and visual art.

How many pieces make up your artistic work?

Many. My work is constantly changing and I dare say that even the sketches are part of it. At the moment I am working a series called “nocturna”, where the woman, the nature and the constellations, are the reiterative center of the works. For the moment, I have two finished works, but the idea is to add at least two more to the series.

What techniques do you use?

I use acrylic a lot as well as rotring. The black and white have their charm, as well as a good color palette.

As for the supports, I use both racks (fabric prepared on wood), as well as paper. This last one allows me a very interesting final job.

"Woman Yemanyá", acrylic on canvas, 60 cm x 40 cm

 “Summer”, acrylic on paper, 29 cm x 42 cm

What are you drawing?

I characterize myself by drawing women. Particular, unique and similar at the same time. Pictures known, anonymous or imaginary. Also the compositions the accompanying soil of nature. I believe that we come from her and to her we go, that is why her elements (mainly flowers and plants) appear in my work.

How do you choose your projects?

I think the projects choose me and that’s the beauty of art. At the end of the day, you can have a very sharp idea in your head of what you want to do, but in the process everything can mutate, and that is the incredibly beautiful thing to paint.

“Nocturna encantada”, acrylic on canvas, 80 cm x 50 cm

Describe your work

My work is in process as well as I am. I think what I do today is an x-ray of what I am: woman, spiritual and warrior. It also describes many women whom I admire and others who are crossing me along the way. My work is my present but also that of many other people. And the interesting thing about her, that despite interpreting a feminine message, men are also part of it.
I try to show respect and respect. For women, for men, for humanity and nature.

Mural in Bs As, latex paint on metal, 5 meters x 2.5 meters

Do you want to share something of your beginnings?

I started to paint almost by chance, wanting and trying to draw feelings that were inside me and somehow I could not express. I did photography and writing, but in painting I found another language with which I identify myself from the depths of myself.
I painted and created things from a girl, but about 5 years ago this flourished, mutated and will continue to mutate.

Self-portrait, acrylic on paper, 29 cm x 42 cm

Indira Gandhi, acrylic on paper, 29 cm x 42 cm

Where have you exposed?

I exhibited in several places in Buenos Aires, always in a group – with other artists – and in independent sites.
The interesting thing to expose is that we live in a world where social networks bring us close, but it is still virtual. When it comes to exposing, you face the spectator face to face and it is magnificent.

“Hidden Universe”, rotring and acrylic on paper, 20 cm x 15 cm

What immediate projects do you have?

I am currently putting together a sample where I gathered six illustrators who also draw women. “WOMEN”, as the titulé, tries to expose the empowerment of women from different styles and points of view. This is the first time I have done something of this style and on my own, but I feel it is the beginning of something very nice.

“Nocturna meditando”, acrylic on canvas, 80 cm x 50 cm

Any direction for your fans to contact you directly?

My Instagram is @ male.ehul

My Facebook is Male Ehul

My website

“Killing  the pain”, rotring on paper, 20 cm x 15 cm

A thousand thanks Magdalena for the facilities granted to make this article, very successful in all your projects.


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