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Gerardo Gomez the free artist

Gerardo Gómez Salvadoran plastic artist his work is new highlights the force and colors, his technique is impeccable, gives the viewer the feeling of freedom and strength, tackles current social issues.
At times his characters display aggressive energy full of color, gives the feeling of changing atmosphere, the style of the Salvadoran artist is unique and unequaled, has a great expressive richness his message is the freedom to play with art.
Knows his work and his opinion through this interview.

Attack of the drones


First name?

Gerardo Gómez

Where are you from?

From Santa Tecla, El Salvador, Central America.


Painter and draftsman

How many pieces make up your artistic work?

I do not have an exact number, about 500 between drawings and paintings since I began to devote myself fully to art 10 years ago,

What techniques do you use?

Especially the Acrylic, but there are works in which I use mixed technique, materials such as spray paint, pastel plaster, oil, enamel, collage, ink, etc. I think any material can be useful for making art.

Question Authority

What early influences did you have with respect to art?

Ever since I was little I always noticed art in its different expressions, music, poetry, but with what I felt identified was with painting and drawing, although I did not know it as art at that time, I just liked drawing, coloring , Creating images, drawing and painting was a game we had with my older sister.
Then I started to discover the art books, the first ones I discovered were about the avant-garde of the early 20th century, Dadaism, Surrealism, then I was struck by Art Brut, underground comics, street art, Separate from what we traditionally knew as “Fine Arts”. I felt that art was freedom and with that I identified deeply.

The beautiful moment of death

How would you define your style?

It has gone through many stages, influenced by psychedelia, underground comic, street art, surrealism, expressionism but if we talk about style, I think the style can get us locked up and I do not want to be locked up, what I do has gone Transforming ourselves, we are going on this journey towards death to which we say life, I want to try experimenting and this has been my work, with experimentation with changes, we grow and we do not see the world nor life in the same way we are expressing what we are because What we are is the world and the world is us, and reality is what we create, and if we say the word “style” because it goes with the present time of what we are, we think and feel and simply define it in that same way, What I am, what I am thinking and feeling.


I think that art is a game, it is playing, as we used to do when we were little, we had a blank sheet, some colors and we did, we created, then we grew and we put too many limits, too many walls inside our head through Culture, education, family beliefs and customs, what society supposedly expects of us, I think that the artist grows and develops with the conscience with which he was born, in which all possibilities were valid and the world was not a Problem but a world to discover, to create and to marvel, and my work goes around, in that human being that I am in the world and plays, beyond the trash that the system wants to put in our head, I am a human who plays And has fun and thus creates his work.

Teachings of the universe

What do you think of art today?

I find it very exciting to discover what is being done, I do not always understand what happens, sometimes yes, sometimes I do not like sometimes, as is natural in all of us but I like that there are many people who are creating, that is The important thing.
Art, although it sounds utopian, will go beyond politics, ideologies, art is timeless and is creating reality.

The thoughts

Where have you exposed?

On many walls. I began exhibiting small cafes to universities in El Salvador, cultural centers in El Salvador, the United States and Europe, for example at the Bisaya-Barreto Foundation in Portugal where I was invited to an exhibition of new surrealism and in art galleries as well as in some Galleries of United States.

My bedroom

Describe a typical day as an artist

A typical day as an artist is a typical day of anyone with the difference that the artist is alert to life, at least it is what I think, when I say alert to life I mean to be in every moment, from the moment That you wake up until you go to sleep. To appreciate what you eat in the morning, what color is the sky, the expressions and details of the people you live with and you meet in the street, the streets you walk, the conversations you have, I think a “day Of artist “would be to observe without judging, perceiving, of life comes the work.


What immediate projects do you have?

At the moment I am doing an artistic residence in California, a very beautiful place in St. Helena, Napa Valley, I have been working several paintings here that in September will be exhibited at Art Ventures Gallery, a gallery in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley . Also in October an exhibition will be inaugurated in El Salvador, in the Cultural Center of Spain. Those are the closest projects, then there are plans to do other exhibitions in the United States and El Salvador but the dates need to be confirmed.

Cat eating the parrot

Any direction for your fans to contact you directly?

Of course, is the mail where you can write to me, you can search me on Instagram and twitter as and on Facebook as GerardoGomezArt, and you can also see my work online at

A thousand thanks Gerardo for the facilities granted to make this article, very successful in all your projects


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