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Welcome to Ana Cristina Corner site specializing in Art.
Know the work of Latin American artists.
You'll find; painters, sculptors, visual, urban, self-taught artists from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and other countries. Live the art!


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Expression and movement with Sylvia Campos

The artistic work of the Chilean artist Sylvia Campos is widely recommended, has a strong content full of messages, imagination, novelty and compositions that attract the look. In each one of his pictures is shaped his personality full of expression and movement. Each viewer experiences an invasion of passion in each stroke and cleaning in … Continue reading

Connection with Miguel Cuauhtemoc

We launched a section called “connection” where the artists present you and guide you through some of his works with unique and very personal details, in this publication we present the Mexican artist Miguel Cuauhtemoc. ARTIST’S SHEET Miguel Cuauhtémoc México. Distrito Federal Plastic artist Http:// Bacalar Mixed media technique on canvas 110 x 80 cm … Continue reading

José Luis Cuevas in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende recognizes José Luis Cuevas one of the most reprensentative artists of the 20th century in Mexico. With an exhibition conformed by 10 pieces of sculptures of large format 8 of bronze and 2 of coal steel.  GIANT Giant piece made of bronze, the one presented here is the one the artist … Continue reading

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