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Gerardo Gomez the free artist

Gerardo Gómez Salvadoran plastic artist his work is new highlights the force and colors, his technique is impeccable, gives the viewer the feeling of freedom and strength, tackles current social issues. At times his characters display aggressive energy full of color, gives the feeling of changing atmosphere, the style of the Salvadoran artist is unique … Continue reading

The Artist Empowered Magdalena Ehul

Magdalena Ehul very prolific artist, her style can not go unnoticed, highlights her admiration for the feminine figure, full of symbolism, fantastic women who carry a parallel universe full of magic that invites us to enter, feel and contemplate. The Argentine artist Magdalena Ehul is an empowered woman and as such assumes a social function, … Continue reading

Expression and movement with Sylvia Campos

The work of the Chilean artist Sylvia Campos is widely recommended, has a strong content full of messages, imagination, novelty and compositions that attract the look. In each one of his pictures is shaped his personality full of expression and movement. Each viewer experiences an invasion of passion in each stroke and cleaning in the … Continue reading


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