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Miguel Cuauhtémoc Between painting and thought

The work of the Mexican artist Miguel Cuauhtémoc has become a constant in this page, in each post we discover and reaffirm the evolution in his paintings, in this release we share a text written by the art critic Adriana Cantoral. ORIGINAL TEXT According to José Aja in his doctoral thesis “The corporality of painting” … Continue reading

Cuban plastic artist Jorge Frías

The work of the Cuban plastic artist Jorge Frías draws attention to its different forms and these are the ones that imprint a stamp of authenticity to his work, does not make a true image of what we all perceive, he does it in a unique way, achieving a different art and original. In this … Continue reading

Gerardo Gomez the free artist

Gerardo Gómez Salvadoran plastic artist his work is new highlights the force and colors, his technique is impeccable, gives the viewer the feeling of freedom and strength, tackles current social issues. At times his characters display aggressive energy full of color, gives the feeling of changing atmosphere, the style of the Salvadoran artist is unique … Continue reading


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